Hi, I'm Josh Rimkey!

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Packaging // Spices
The goal for this project was not to focus so much on the nutrition facts for the packaging, but more so for the actual benefits of each spice/herb.
Advertisement // Cheerio Banana Nut
This was a ad for Cheerios; made as an idea for a real ad. This project allowed me to combine two things I enjoy doing - Photography and Graphic Design.
Packaging // Skateboard
This project was for audiences agesĀ 10+. Each design is geared towards a different age group, with all of the animals representing the words displayed on the design. All of the colors on the designs show a different level of skill for skateboarding as well. Orange being easy/beginner, Teal is hobbyist/intermediate, and Purple is pro/expert.
Branding // Urban Body - Toronto Fitness
Urban Body is a fitness movement based in Toronto. The goal of this project was to help people to become healthier in their lives and do it through their body weight.
Branding // R.Thompson Winery
R.Thompson Winery is a small local wine company located in Orillia Ontario, which had been in business for some time. R.Thompson Winery never had a brand or packing for their wines. This project was to create a brand and packing designs for them.
Branding // LE Typeface
Le Typeface was inspired by my love for sans serif typefaces. I wanted to create a typeface that I could use for personal projects.
Branding // Talent Stage - Oxygen Recording
I had the chance recently to work with a great company called Talent Stage. I had a lot of fun creating their logo and youtube banner. This project let me explore new ways to create a logo/brand.
Branding // Personal 2015
XOJR is a project I did my first year of Graphic Design school. I wanted to use what I learned that whole year. This project is meant to remind me that design doesn't need to be boring, and I reminder to the future Josh to keep learning new things.
Branding // Poster Cover Letter
This project was originally for a tattoo design and then transformed into this. The project was to experiment with gradients and color combos. It was really fun learning how to create a piece like this, and be able to improve these skills.
Graphic Design // Born to get Wild
Born to be wild is a project I did after listening to a song. The project was to create a poster for the song and have it represent what the song is saying to me.
Branding // Personal Branding
This is a project I did a few years ago for my YouTube channel. It helped me explore video editing and new ways to use Adobe Photoshop
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